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LF: IOM -Thanks

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Subject: LF: IOM -Thanks
From: "kate moore" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 08:20:53 -0000
Importance: Normal
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Now you're all back safe and sound, I really must add my thanks and
congratulations to Dave, David and Graham for the fantastic way you
carried out the operation from the Isle of Man last weekend. No doubt
you had your fair share of problems to solve and the unexpected to
deal with, but from an observer's point of view it all seemed to go
like clockwork - obvious testimony to good planning and the great deal
of LF experience within the group.

Signals were exceptional and I'm certainly very grateful for the contacts.
In addition, I'm sure many of us benefitted from the increase in activity
on the bands that the expedition generated!

Take a well-earned rest fellas...... then let us know what you plan next!!

Well done and thanks again.

         John G4GVC

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