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RE: LF:qso

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Subject: RE: LF:qso
From: "bernd grupe" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 19:02:22 +0100
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Hello Wil,
as you fear to make too much errors typing in German, so I feel the same when I try to go in English,hi. Never mind, I need to get a little training and BTW I truely enjoy reading the mails on the reflector.
Thanks for the details and the qth-locator. Will correct the km's on the
website, but guessed it at 99,66%, didn't I.
Yes, we had a nice QRS-QSO last Sunday and I was exited about my
experimental-receiver. I'm working hard to improve its sensitivity up to -120
dBm(0.2 uV). Hope to go with the new Dual Frequency CW (DFCW)-mode(suggested by
Rik ON7YD) as soon as possible. Than I can run longer sigs and enhance the
gram-software. I'm very interested to get longway-contacts with hams in the
nothern part of Europe. There is a big man made noise at my location. Impossible
to hear signals lower than -90dBm(22uV).And of course, you are right, we really
need some more "transistors" at our antennas in Germany. With a 20 watts-PA
and poor antenna-conditions I couldn't reach stations with audible-CW in a
range out of 50 km.
will send you my qsl-card and thanks again for your mail. Let's see what
vy 73 Bernd DF8ZR (JN49JV)

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