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Subject: LF: Re:GB2CPM
From: "Peter Dodd" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 10:00:16 GMT
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The operation from Amberley museum had a bit of a setback. A tractor got tangled up in the antenna downlead, which brought the antenna down. I went up there last Sunday to fix it and found that the antenna had dissapeared, together with the valuable end insulators. I think that the work so far can be regarded as a test and that the next antenna will be larger and better engineered. I will be making a survey this Friday and hope to get the antenna completed the following week. In the report of stations worked from GB2CPM I gave PA0CWP 449/459. This should have been PA0BWL, I had it correct in the log (sorry Wil)
The test GB2CPM antenna appears to be 1-2 'S' points up on the
antenna at G3LDO in spite of the inefficent counterpoise.

I will be handling the GB2CPM QSL cards from G3LDO.

Regards, Peter, G3LDO

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