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LF: [BDXC-UK] More on Data TX

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Subject: LF: [BDXC-UK] More on Data TX
From: "Alan Gale" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 20:05:17 +0100
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Hi All,

I thought the following message from the BDXC reflector might be of interest to some of the members on the list:

From: "Tony Hudson" <[email protected]>
DX Information from the British DX Club.

The following from Electronics Weekly September 15th may be of interest.


Nortel networks and United Utilities have decided to disband NOR.WEB their
jointly-owned Internet-
over-the-mains company. "The decision has been made to close the the joint
venture even though the technology is robust and well proven", said Kate
Thompson, NOR-WEB's director of marketing programmes.
Launched two years ago, the company developed its digital powerline
technology which used electricity substations to modulate data onto the
mains. This provided homes and businesses connected to the substation with
1Mbit/s links for Internet access
When the company first launched the technology it announced services would
start a year ago. However
deployment of the technology suffered a years delay. The result of the
delay has been increased competion from broadband technologies such as
digital subscriber line (DSL) and cabel modems, and ultimately the
venture's closure. "The projected volumes for digital powerline, with the
roll out of xDSL and cable, are not significant enough," explained
This is despite the successful completion in May of a technology trial in
Manchester involving 70 homes, a school and small businesses. In turn the
technology has also been tested by power utilities in Germany
and Sweden.
No redundancies are expected. There are no plans to use the technology in
other applications. "The two
companies still own the patents but there are no current plans at present,"
said Thompson.

Tony Hudson

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided
full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club.

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