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LF: Re:Antenna advice.

To: "RSGB LF_Group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Re:Antenna advice.
From: "Des Kostryca" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 14:11:28 -0700
Importance: Normal
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Hi Everyone,

  Firstly, thankyou to all who responded to my request for antenna advice.
The response was very pleasing and very helpful.

Geri (DK8KW) wrote...

If you have
access to the internet, have a look at >,
where I show my set-up and a drawing of a >commercial umbrella antenna from
the past.
The characteristics of that umbrella is, that the top >load is not
necessarily horizontal but the top load radials can >slope down at an angle
of 45 degrees or even steeper.
  This approach appeals to me as it is simple to implement though due to
lack of space my umbrella spokes would be at quite a steep angle and would
therefore have to be short. By the way Geri, I liked the cartoons :-)

Dave Sergent (G3YMC) wrote...

Good luck with your work on LF and I hope we can >manage a QSO before long.
As you may know I use >a loop transmitting antenna on 136 with reasonable
Thanks Dave, I had a look at your web pages (very interesting) and when my
vertical (utility) antenna is up and running I may also give the
transmitting loop a try providing I can get hold of some "heavy" cabling in
long enough lengths.

Steve (GW4ALG) wrote...

I have little doubt about being able to hear your 35 >W to the 10 m
vertical. In

addition to weekends, I can get on most weekday >mornings up to 08:45am


That would be great Steve as I am often working on or around the weekend but
have plenty of spare time in the week. I will let you know when I am "up and
running" and perhaps we can arrange a "sked".

Thanks also to Mike Dennison (G3XDV), Bob (ZL2CA) and Rik (ON7YD) for
additional comments, most welcome.

With all the feedback I now have a clear idea of what to aim for. The
current plan is to add turns to my partially constructed loading coil and
try the 10 mtr vertical with small "umbrella".  Then I will move on to the
10 mtr vertical plus 3 horizontal wires which most seem to agree is the best
option. I am currently at the "drilling holes in a plastic dustbin" stage.
The only thing stopping me now is the wx, a shortage of patch leads and a
"wasps nest" in the loft which means I am unable to retrieve some of my
components :-( Still, very close to testing now.

Thanks again to all those who took the time to respond and I will keep you
all posted on my progress. Look forward to working many of you "on-band"

73's all and good DX,


Des Kostryca (M0AYF)  G.Q.R.P. no. 9788
I.A.R.U.  loc.  IO93OJ  W.A.B.  SK89
Member of the N.B.T.V.A.

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