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LF: AW: Distance reckoning?

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Subject: LF: AW: Distance reckoning?
From: "Soegiono, Gamal" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 11:09:23 +0100
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Dear Petr,

PM> Could anybody recommend a free utility for PM> counting distances? I suppose input of PM> of both locations should be in LOCATOR PM> format, output in kilometers.
Hmm - sorry I am not aware of such a specialized tool - but...

that's the way I do it, alternatively:

Perhaps you own a HF propagation prediction program already.
I am using VOA-CAP which is free (as far as I know).

Most such propagation programs hold a file containing
all the global coordinate information for locations
(transmitter, receiver). There I enter the callsign
of the QSO partner and the numerical global coordinates.

If I know the maidenhead locator description, I derive
the global coordinates therefrom manually.

Knowing that each fine-field of the maidenhead locator
desigantes a field 5 by 2.5 angular minutes in size
I simply take the field's mid-coordinate and put it
into the file holding the coordinates info.

By starting the propagation calculation all programs
calculate distance as well as bearing infos.

That's it.

PM> BTW this morning I received packet message of PM> another OK station interested in LF. I am doing PM> my best to promote LF in OK land. I hope there PM> will be at least few stations in OK land QRV on LF soon.
Please do that Petr, the more stations become active on
LF in your country the more activity will arise.

Best 73 de Gamal

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