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LF: w/e report 20/21 Feb 99

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Subject: LF: w/e report 20/21 Feb 99
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 10:27:23 -0000
Organization: Radio Society of Great Britain
Priority: normal
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A very busy weekend for me and very little time for radio.

But . . . Spent some time on Friday evening trying to persuade my VFO to cover 73kHz. Having improved its stability on 136kHz by reducing the L and increasing the C, I now find that adding extra C will no longer bring the VFO down to 73 - it just generates noise. No time to do further work this weekend but looks like I need some add-in L rather than C. So, sorry to David, G0MRF, I did try.
Saturday 21st

Out most of the day helping my son buy his first car.
But heard G3UNT (559), G3KEV (599), PA2NJN (a very good 599 but apparently not listening on 136), and GW4ALG (579). Saw on Spectrogram ON7YD (O), IK1ODO (M) and DJ8WL (M). The last two were much weaker than usual with deep QSB on Saturday evening. Worked a new one for me: G6RO, 251km away, at 549/549. My 30th station worked on 136.
Early morning, I heard QSO between G3LDO (599) and PA0SE (559). RSGB VHF Convention in the morning (if you get a chance to see the lecture by Paul Shuch, N6TX, of the SETI League, do so - it is very entertaining), and mother in law in afternoon (not quite so entertaining).
When I got home the wind was so strong I lowered the antenna.

By the way, having worked GM3YXM/P for the second time early in the week, I heard the start of a QSO between him and Dave, G3YMC. I do hope it was successful as dave is battling against huge odds to get a signal out at all.

Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)

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