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LF: 20/21 Feb.

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Subject: LF: 20/21 Feb.
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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 17:58:50 EST
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Good to get the Whitton ARG antenna fired up on 72kHz  on Saturday morning.
I managed to work Graham G3XTZ cross band to 80m but no sign of Peter G3LDO.
Tried to call Mike, G3XDV via the landline, but no reply. The Rugby
transmitter around 73.3 was on which means no chance of any QSOs with our
midlands stations...Now I can appreciate the problems faced by DJ8WL and DF2PY
with broadcast intermods.  Incidentally, I wonder if any of the noise
cancelling techniques being developed here could be used to combat the
broadcast QRM on the other side of the North Sea

Sunday. Nice to see so many L.F.ers at the RSGB VHF rally at Sandown Park.

G3XTZ, G3GRO, G3KAU, G4JNT and G3XDV, G3YGF G4FKK - at a distance.

Also, had a brief conversation with Peter Blair G3LTF who has appeared on the
bands in recent weeks. Peter is well known for his 70 and 23cm moonbounce
station but had aquired a  large transformer for a new 136kHz amplifier. So
look out for a bigger signal from Peter in the near future.

PSK31 is working well on receive here, with good signals on 14.070 and 3580.15
The VXO crystal should be here at the end of the week so I'll be ready for a
sked with Andy and an RX test with Rik on 137.6 (ish) a few days after.


David  G0MRF

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