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LF: Re: 500KHz NOV

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Subject: LF: Re: 500KHz NOV
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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 12:34:18 EDT
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Hi All,
a rather belated thank you to the people who responded to my e-mail below.  A simple answer has been sent off so now it is a matter of waiting.
73, Peter G3JFS
In a message dated 28/04/2007 07:45:16 Greenwich Standard Time, ColePe writes:
Hullo All,
In my application for an NOV I indicated that erp would be assessed using the table published by Alan G3NYK and measuring the aerial current. I have received the following request from OFCOM:

"Thank you for your recent application for a Special Research Permit to operate in the bands 501 -504kHz. Your application is currently being processed pending authorisation.

Whilst this is in motion I would just like to request further information.

       i)                    Could you please provide a statement on how you propose to control your transmissions to within the maximum limit of <-10dBW

ii)                   Also please provide a plan view of the aerial system along with complete details of wire lengths and heights. Also giving relationships to boundary fences, neighbouring buildings etc

I appreciate that this was not an explicit requirement in the original application however we do still need this information."

The site plan is no problem, just a hassle, though the RSGB guidelines indicated it was not necessary because of the distance between my aerial and boundaries/neighbours.

To avoid more delay any suggestions as to how best to respond?  Also as a matter of interest what sort of figures are current users getting in the way of efficiency, aerial current and transmitter power output to achieve 100mW erp?  I shall be using a 120 ft end fed wire, 30 ft high on a steeply sloping site surrounded on three sides by very tall trees over very poor (RF) ground.

73 Peter G3JFS

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