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Subject: LF: G3ACQ - DF6NM in DFCW
From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 18:02:30 EST
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Hello Laurie, hello all,

that qso was very special for both of us: Your 1st DFCW contact (congrats!), and my 1st 2way-QSO with G-land. Thanks, Laurie, you've really made this a day!
I am using only a short (15m) and low (6m above house and ground) antenna.
This was the first QSO after moving the loading coil from indoors to a
rooftop position on saturday. With that change, the gain had improved from
-45dBi to -39dBi, and my ERP is a blasting 4mW (!) now.
When you called you were OO with about -102dBm (S4, -2dBuV/m), but during the
QSO the signal faded down to -10dBuV/m and became barely readable at the end.
Also, the wires swinging in the wind caused substantial resonance shifts and
tx-power variations. I recorded a spectrogram .bmp which I could send you by
Hope to see you again soon... especially in DFCW, its a fantastic mode (at
least for the very little baby boys like me).
73s de Markus, DF6NM in JN59NK

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