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LF: Weekend report 3-5 March

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Subject: LF: Weekend report 3-5 March
From: "Mike Dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 12:07:18 -0000
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What an exciting weekend! My best DX on 73kHz doubled and several new stations worked. Conditions were good with CFH audible in the noise most of the day.
Friday 3 March
Went on 73kHz as DF6NM was listening for QRSs signals.
Worked M0BMU and G3XTZ ( a new one for me on this band), both at

Saturday 4 March
On 73kHz again and had another QSO with M0BMU. Sent lots of
callsigns on QRSs.
E-mail from Markus, DF6NM, to say he had seen my signals. This more
than doubles my best DX on 73kHz at 840km (previous best was a two-
way with GD0MRF at exactly 400km). Thanks Markus. My signals, and
those of M0BMU and G3XTZ, can be seen on G3YXM's web site.
Back on 136kHz band for QSOs with G4GVC (599/599) and PA0BWL
(gave 549, got 459).

Sunday 5 March
136kHz: Worked two new ones - DK5PT (549/449) and HB9DCE (539/349)
who was a much better signal with me than with G3YXM for a change!
Also worked GW4ALG (579/589) and G3YXM (599/599).
Other DX heard: ON7YD (549) GI3PDN (579) and a new one DJ6PU (549).

In the evening I set up for crossband 73/136 activity. Spent ages trying
to get the system efficient on both band with the minimum of running
outside to make changes to the loading coil. Called CQ on 73 (ending in
'KX' to indicate listening crossband) and was called by DF6NM on 136.
Gave him an 'M' report but saw nothing from him after that. Saw
successful crossband QSO between G3YXM (73) and HB2ASB (136),
both 'O' and audible with me.

Many thanks to Geri, Markus and Toni for making the effort to listen on
73kHz. As a result, several distance records have been broken in the last
week. The record currently stands at 910km (G3YXM/HB2ASB). It is
unlikely that we will get an extension of this band - we have already had
an extra 6 months from the original closing date - so there is very little
time now, especially with the static season due in a few weeks.

Mike, G3XDV (IO91VT)

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