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RE: LF: VY1JA Beacon

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Subject: RE: LF: VY1JA Beacon
From: Laurence KL1X <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 01:04:24 -0900
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Mal -
I wouldnt want to model too closely 137Khz against 160m from VY2 /KL7 (KL1!), or VE8 for that matter -   J will recall the interior of the Auroral oval effects and the interesting times crossing the "tx boundary" on 80 and 160m - I seem (blurry cos Im sure it was around 81/82 to remember receiving G3KEV during disturbed times from VE8 @ Alert NWT and shouting my little 100w heart out...this one way waveguide was a little painful.
Mal glad you made the Vy2 QSO. I missed who your 137 Khz rx station in the Boston area was the other day?
Sanya - China
Im still blitzed on rx with the dimmers - Ive calculated we have at least 1238 dimmers within 100 metres of this location. Every room has 2 for a start. If your interested in LF radio dont stay at the Holiday Inn, Sanya Bay.
I have another few days here but given the 9++ noiz Im probably going to bin LF reception and concentrate on the tan, or moreover  practice swatting bugs, and ducking  and diving avoiding out of control fireworks.
 The good news or otherwise dependant on how you look at it is I (we -Sheri and I) will be leaving China in about 50 days and looking for a new QTH in Singapore for about 18 months - LF Cross band is a possibility from there and Ill be qrv on HF as a 9V1 by hook or crook as against here (there being Shanghai) and a some of the other qth's recently.
J - Ill take the mooses. We miss KL7 awfully and seeing as we have two sons/wifes/potential  grandchildren - living there there seems to be a high probability we will end up buying something up  - thats before I get too creaky - Weve eyed up a piece of land where I did some LF reception a couple of Christmas' ago and got reasonable sigs from VE7 during horrible conditions.
Laurence OK48 Hainan Island

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> To: [email protected]
> Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 18:34:25 +0000
> Subject: Re: LF: VY1JA Beacon
> J
> I worked VY2TT last nite on 160m cw he was 579 good signal.Thought you might
> like to know sigs are arriving here, given the right circumstances 137 is a
> possibility.
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> From: "J Allen" <[email protected]>
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> Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2007 4:26 AM
> Subject: RE: LF: VY1JA Beacon
> > Joe,
> >
> > Thanks for watching, but it looks like the signal is having a hard time
> even
> > getting out to the south into Scott's Grabber. I do not know of anyone
> who
> > is really receiving the signal yet. Wait until near midnight local time
> and
> > let's see what happens.
> >
> > What is the Aurora doing tonight? Is the index still up at 7.0? If it
> is,
> > we can easily understand a signal being kept under Aurora's halo.
> >
> > J.
> >
> >
> >

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