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To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: LF: XEB?
From: Markus Vester <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 06:02:07 -0400
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Hi Bob,
sorry, the sensitivity of my grabber suffered from a soundcard problem (swapped channels) again last night.
73, Markus (DF6NM)
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Von: Bob Raide <[email protected]>
An: rsgb_lf_group <[email protected]>
Verschickt: Di, 31 Mrz 2015 8:33 am
Betreff: RE: LF: XEB?

Just woke up after falling asleep watching TV.  Glad I checked and  saw your report and went to your grabber and saw my signal.  Also checked DF6NM but nothing.  Checked YV7MAE grabber and great conditions into that QTH. 
No Euro traces at all that I could find but N and S band is open!
Thanks and 73 for now-will try again tomorrow-Bob WE2XEB NY

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 21:58:50 -0800
Subject: RE: LF: XEB?

Bob XEB  can see your "X" and more  starting peaking around 0520zish, looks like more appearing  - looks like I missed the last dot on the "B"
 Given the mag and Sol this is good - thanks for the signals chaps/chapesses
Sorry Stefan - No Path to Eu - no DCF39 visible at all at dot 60 slow - that time of year.
WE2XPQ WSPR2 475.794 starting around 0600Z 250W into offset Marconi 72ft  Vertical section strapped 600 ohm line - driver Ultimate 3, PA W1VD 500W and new motor PWM controller for the variometer chain drive  some 100 meters away  -
First CuNim seen over the Talkeetna mountains today - must be Spring
Laurence KL7L WE2XPQ WH2XBA/5 Palmer Wasilla Alaska Bp51 Eye Pee
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