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RE: LF: RE: 73kHz tests tonight

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Subject: RE: LF: RE: 73kHz tests tonight
From: "Talbot Andrew" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:43:43 +0100
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One option would be to use the TC4428 driver chip.  This has one inverting
and one non inverting driver.   Drive both inputs in parallel and connect
the FET driver transformer primary, now with twice as many turns, between
both outputs.  That way you can double the drive capability without running
into the problems with the unequal switching times that can give trouble
when trying to parallel up two devices with totem pole outputs

Andy  G4JNT

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From: James Moritz [mailto:[email protected]]
Only real problem so far was getting the gate driver to work - even with both sections of a TC4427 driver IC in parallel, the drive waveform had rather slow edges when feeding the 4 large- geometry FETs in parallel,

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