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Subject: Re: LF: GBR
From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 20:25:48 EDT
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Hi Geri, Steve and group,

Thanks for the nice info !

Just played "Tubular Bells" from CD through a (software) VLF receiver which was originally made to listen to SAQ. I was amazed by the quality, "VVV VVV VVV GBR GBR GBR = ALFA = ..", clearly audible when downconverted to 800Hz with a low audio bandwidth. The CW is partly garbled as some parts are dubbed over and over. Fine copy on GBR in  (FSK-) RTTY, 15 minutes after the begin of the track.
Any Mike Oldfield / CW fan with a selective level meter may be able to try this !

Interestingly, the audio pitch is different between  "Part One" and "Part Two" so maybe the master tape's motor speed control has suffered a bit .. or did GBR drift by 30 Hz between the  recording sessions...

Anyway, a funny experiment. Nice to know that CW on VLF will live forever, at least in my music archive. Hope they didn't punch military secrets in vinyl in the good old days !

Wolf  DL4YHF.

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