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Re: ULF: Ground loop night transmission 3.0

To: [email protected], Renato Romero <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: ULF: Ground loop night transmission 3.0
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 08:57:59 +0200
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...after some days of trying, it looks like the signal was to weak to get a decode at SQ5BPF. Maybe Paul is in the same situation.
Time to tell the message, it is 'CFM'.
Now it will be easier to search for the maximum carrier S/N, for the vlfrx-tools users.

Apart from the very good results at DK7FC (QRB = 57.6 km), DL0AO (QRB = 283 km) and DL4YHF (QRB = 313 km), i can happily inform that the message was actually decodable at IK1QFK (QRB = 493 km), which is the new distance record in the 121 km band and certainly a first detection from Germany to Italy at 2470 Hz.
The message decode happened even without tweaking the filter and blanker, i simply took the settings from the last experiment at 2970 Hz, so it is possible to decode the message without knowing it before. And the SNR is strong enough to even decode a 5 character message.
The processing chain and results are shown in the attachemnt, as usual :-)

Thanks to Renato for the GPS timestamped stream and to everyone else who attempted to decode the message.

73, Stefan

Am 14.04.2019 23:09, schrieb DK7FC:
Hello ULF friends,

Now i'm sitting in the car again in the deep forest. It is silent (outside!) and the sky is clear. The TX and EbNaut message is now running:

f = 2470.1 Hz
Start time: 14.APR.2019  21:00:00.3 UTC
Symbol period: 9 s
Characters: 3
CRC bits:
Coding 16K21A
Antenna current: 2.5 A
Duration: 02:09:36 [hh:mm:ss]

TX power at the beginning of the transmission is 492 W this time.

73, Stefan

Attachment: IK1QFK_EbNaut_2470.1Hz.png
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