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Re: LF: Another impedance matching question. Paul's audio amps.

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Subject: Re: LF: Another impedance matching question. Paul's audio amps.
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2019 17:40:07 +0200
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Hi Chris,

What are you planning? Building a ground loop into your garden will be the only way to put that power into the antenna. At VLF and your E field antenna, you would have to deal with several 10 kV if you actually want to run > 1 kW. However on a ground loop, the amplifier will be the limiting factor :-) How much space to you have between the electrodes? All you will need is a series C to resonate the antenna. Use a big ferrite transformer to match the output impedance to the antenna impedance. Always use a series C on the primary side of the transformer, if bridged or not, to avoid any damage due to an eventual DC-component.
Use a big ferrite core with just enough primary turns as necessary.
Now its time for Andy to post the formula again.

73, Stefan

Am 14.04.2019 15:37, schrieb Chris Wilson:
Hello  LF'ers

  Having  collected my audio amp from Paul Nicholson (VERY many thanks
  Paul, it's an awesome looking beast.... :)) I would appreciate anyone
  else getting one posting their thoughts and results matching the input
  and  output for VLF usage.   Both for antenna and ground comms usage.

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