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Re: LF: LF EbNaut

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Subject: Re: LF: LF EbNaut
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 20:12:27 +0200
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Hello Domenico,

I was running a transmission today 10 UTC for example.
I will try again at 18:30 UTC in the 'DX-mode' :-)
We are lucky, the extremely high temperatures are gone!! Right now it is even raining. Could be a bit more sunny now but yesterday i've been on the tree :-)

You should mention your grabber adress more regularly so that people know what we are talking about. But activity in EbNaut is rare anyway, probably all the active stations (3!?) already saved it to the favorities :-)

73, Stefan

Am 27.07.2017 18:27, schrieb Domenico IZ7SLZ:
Hello Stefan,
thanks for the report.

My main antenna is under repairs. Too hot outside here (around 35 degrees)  even in the evening time.

At moment receiver is working with a 5 meter whip that does not perform like the main antenna. Also big noise comes from nearby thunderstorms (mostly yesterday)

I think that this is the reason of the missing decodes. BTW i also checked status of all linux programs and they are running ok :

- vtcard and vttime
- gpds + ntpd
- vtresample + vtwrite

btw i will perform a pc restart now.

Please inform the time of your missed transmissions. I will try a deep investigations using also SL
/opds recordings.

73 all
Domenico, IZ7SLZ

On 27 July 2017 at 17:52, DK7FC <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello Domenico, LF,

Yesterday and today i sent a few messages to your grabber but got no decode. The SNR should have been fine. I checked if everything is ok on my side, it should be.
Is it maybe on your side?
Maybe Riccardo can check if he can decode the message from today 10 UTC?
On my own RX i can decode the message with some frequency offset (-0.01) because the 10 kHz ref signal (still the old method here on LF RX) is overloaded, so there is no sample rate correction when i'm on air on LF. But the timing seemed to be ok at least!

73, Stefan

Am 25.07.2017 18:31, schrieb Domenico IZ7SLZ:

Hello Stefan and LF,

Here is the report of recent EbNaut DK7FC's transmission on LF.

It is amazing how to get a decode using this mode over 1100 km in daytime on summer  and in my urban receiving location plagued with electrical noise at this hour.

Mni compliment Stefan for your very coherent signal and regarding your VLF encouraging words, i confirm that soon i will try to use this linux setup on "dreamer's" band. I need to built another location for receiving outside the city. High QRN here in my urban shack for 8 kHz and below.
Aunt Melina is happy to host me and my radios in her farm  so i'm building a duplicate of the setup in use here for the installation at AMF.

Gost32 helped me to clone the ubuntu pc. The 2nd GPS cabling is in progress.

Most probably i will complete the VLF rx  in mid of August during my vacation.

Thanks again for your signal Stefan.
73 all
Domenico IZ7SLZ

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