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RE: LF: TXing on VLF again, Iron powder cores... broomstick coil?

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Subject: RE: LF: TXing on VLF again, Iron powder cores... broomstick coil?
From: VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:51:20 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: TXing on VLF again, Iron powder cores... broomstick coil?
Hi Stefan
I don't really like the idea of keeping permanent long wires installed here. Last summer I had the horizontal loop and we had
an small storm. A lighting striked in the area. Not in my building or any other towers around. Probably a few km away
That was enought to damage the speed control board for the motor moving the vacuum capacitor. And also a USB hub was
damaged getting some ports faulty
Having just two sloppers as top load capacity I can take all the wires down. They are hanging from the 11m giberglass pole
of the (now unused) Ultrabeam vertical antenna using a pulley in the top of the fiberglass pole. So it is very easy to fold it down
like a flag and making it to electrically disappear
May be I can use the dynamic antenna as high voltage variable capacitor. The inner conductor is deployed inside the fiberglass
and lenght adjusted with a stepping motor. In fact I'm using this to trim the antenna at MF. But actually the inner conductor is just floating
Even floating, there is a remarkable effect in the resonance of the antenna. I can connect it to PA ground and make a test
The capacitive effect will be higer. As I'm not using high power, hope the dielectric can deal with some Kv  ;-)
Some pictures about the small coils used for the VLF test. This was a test only for antenna analyzer
And what I got at 10800Hz
This is a "family picture" of the coils.It was taken in MF configuration. Only the first L1 coil connected to antenna, which is the wire
going up at the right side
73 de Luis
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