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Re: LF: EA5DOM Back to LF .....

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Subject: Re: LF: EA5DOM Back to LF .....
From: N1BUG <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2017 06:54:36 -0400
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That is great news, Luis. I am happy you are QRV again.

I am monitoring LF WSPR-2 every night. Hope to receive you soon!

Last season I received DC0DX, G8HUH, and 2E0ILY on LF WSPR-2.

Last night DCF39 and HGA22 were the best I have seen so far this season, maybe a sign that conditions are improving.

On 11/02/2017 06:28 AM, VIGILANT Luis Fernández wrote:

After two weeks and a half of forced QRT, last night I resumed the transmissions in 137458Hz, at Opera32 sub-band low end
I could get aural copy of the signal in SDRs located in Germany. The
grabber at DF6MN showed 30dB over noise and good decodes
As there seems to be hard to get a US station monitoring Opera32 I
will combine the periods with a WSPR-2 transmission every hour
If there are decodes in WSPR-2 will be much easier to get them in
Opera32. At the moment, WSPR-15 will be an stressing test for
the PA, I’m afraid

73 de Luis


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