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Re: LF: Mid Winter/summer ZL/USA tests

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Subject: Re: LF: Mid Winter/summer ZL/USA tests
From: WE0H Mike <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 20:43:34 -0500
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Guess you can't cool off in the pool anymore... Seen any twisters down there yet???

Laurence KL1X wrote:

Over the next few US nights Ill be running tests to ZL - Ive been modifying the Decca PA a bit to make things more manageable and improving the filtering and switching somewhat - still a ways to go.
Running this evening 46A aerial current into the loop and slow dfcw
and Hell modes between 137.775 and 137.7758 or so. I doubt whether Ill
get to Eu as I see no traces at all of DCF39 on what is nearly a
sunlit path this time of year but never say never - delighted to see
that Warren and John are making the path. I may have to go off at any
time due to power outages which are common here in the southern plains
with these storms - temps are in the high 90's as is the temp of the
plastic swimming pool water!
Best regards

KL1X/5 em26aq oklahoma

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