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Re: LF: Decca Masts

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Subject: Re: LF: Decca Masts
From: "Walter Blanchard" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 09:02:04 +0100
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At 20:27 04/04/00  G0MRF wrote:
However, I'm a little concerned about the prospect of two dozen individuals
phoning the RA trying to get various NOV's for higher power / changes in main
station address to avoid /P  etc.   It may appear  a tad unprofessional.
Does the "DMG" have any suggestions about how this can be co-ordinated so
that we collectively retain the respect of the licensing authority?  e.g.
Single call and NOV per site etc.
Guidance required please.
What are the NOV's mentioned above?
This is exactly what the DMG is trying to avoid.

If anyone wants to operate from these sites under his own licence
using his own kit and his own callsign then he can do so without
further ado using /P. The only problem would be staying within the 1w erp
limit, but efficiency figures for all these antennas have been
established over a long period, are available and could be extrapolated
to 136 to give maximum input power. 8 watts in would be near
enough for most of them so this gives a chance to those not having
kilowatt amplifiers.
The ability to radiate a known 1w might throw up some interesting results
and comparisons.

We shall see if we can get a special event station call
transportable between sites.

Higher power is something else. Some people are keen to radiate as much as possible to see if they can cross the pond on the basis if they can't do it with say 100w then 1w certainly won't, at least at this time of year and sunspot cycle. If they can, they'll have a better idea when to try with 1w. Unfortunately I doubt if we
will be able to retain use of a station into the next winter.
Of course even if they made it it wouldn't rank for any awards anyway.

And even if you don't transmit at all, just looking at what's needed to make a
really efficient LF transmitting setup can teach you a lot, as we have already

The NOV's we're looking at are for higher power and extension of 73 kHz
operating period.
There may not be much chance of either but we'll see.

Walter G3JKV.

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