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LF: catapult

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Subject: LF: catapult
From: "gii3kev" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 19:17:03 +0000
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Reference some messages received about putting ropes over high trees to
get the big loop airborne seems to favour the bow and arrow. An
alternative approach would be the catapult, this is what I use when I
need to get ropes/wires over trees.
My method uses a heavy duty catapult, a fishing line and an iron nut
about 1/2 inch ID. The fishing line is contained on a spinning reel and
connected to a bottom section of the normal fishing rod. The handle end
of the rod is pushed firmly into the ground, the gear on the reel
disengaged as if you were about to cast, rod pointing at the correct
angle and direction of fire to get over the tree. Catapult loaded with
nut and line attached, then pull catapult elastic back to max and fire,
and hopefully the line will get over the tree. When nut located at far
end of tree, connect some nylon cord and then engage the reel for wind
in and it should pull the line and cord right over the tree, then attach
a heavy nylon rope to the cord and pull over the tree. It is best to use
a rope loop over the tree in case the attached antenna breakes, the
antenna wire is usually the weak link, this saves having to relaunch
with the catapult.
Another method is using an old small bore cannon. Position the cannon at
the correct angle and direction of fire. Loosly cover the muzzle of the
cannon barrel with some strong fish net, and nylon rope about 3/8 inch
diamater attached. Fire the cannon and the ball will project the net and
rope as required over the tree, this method is superior for 200 ft
Oregon pines and large spruce where the bow and arrow and catapult does
not work. The ball/net and end of rope is easily found, look for a large
crater at the other side of the tree, could be up to 100 yards away
depending on the powder used.
Cannons are now collectors items and hard to find, but try your local
boot mart.
Have fun looping the loop.

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