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Re: LF: F6BWO still testing

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Subject: Re: LF: F6BWO still testing
From: "Dexter McIntyre, W4DEX" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 02:02:48 +0000
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There are thunderstorms off the coast to my south east.  Usually if QRN
is a problem here the loran lines noise up but tonight the lines are
solid.  So it looks to me like poor LF TA propagation continues at my
QTH.  I will monitor any time I hear that someone is transmitting.  If
I'm not home I will set up for auto captures.  Keep trying.  Let's see
who will break through.


Dave Pick wrote:
OK Dexter, looks like a blank.

Everyone seems to have shut down now (00:30)
If you didn't see Laurie you wouldn't see anyone!


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