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Re: LF: Weekend new ones

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Subject: Re: LF: Weekend new ones
From: "Toni Baertschi" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 01:35:49 -0800
Organization: Phonak Communications AG
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(Toni - do you have HB9DCE's address?)
Yes it is:

Berthold Schuerch
8547 Gachnang

e-mail:  [email protected]

Berth's QTH is north of Zurich, abt 140 km from my location. He has about 10 dB
less power than I but probably a better antenna. He uses a big loop as a
separate RX antenna and has a very good receiving situation (rabbit ears!).
Berth made the first contacts from HB to OZ, OE and OM and his ODX is probably
He is still working on his CW and gives usually very short replies. He is the
strongest station (stronger than 7S6SAJ) at my QTH, despite all the hills
(Emmental) between us. We have regular contacts on LF and on our 160m Swiss net
on 1991 kHz in SSB.

    **  Ant: Inv-L 60m long, 6m high at feed end, 12m high at far end **
BTW, John: It's amazing, your signal is one of the strongest from UK and this
from a relatively low antenna!

73 de Toni, HB2ASB

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