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LF: Professionals vs. Amateurs

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Subject: LF: Professionals vs. Amateurs
From: "Andre' Kesteloot" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:11:36 -0500
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I believe that the professionals' experience can be important to us, but limited
by their very needs.  Indeed, professionals want reliability, good coverage day
in, day out, etc. Hence huge amounts of power, large antennas, etc.  We on the
other hand, are quite prepared to make QSOs only when the wind is right!
Hence, lets keep on experimenting, enjoying ourselves in the process
Andre' N4ICK

Rik Strobbe wrote:

Uhm ... with the attitude that the 'commercials' and 'proffessionals' do
everything better and the we 'poor amateurs' shouldn't try anything else,
we would still be using AM instead of SSB, would never have
amateur-satellites that had much longer live in orbit most commercial
satellites etc ...

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