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LF: SV: Jan-Martin's Preamp circuit

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Subject: LF: SV: Jan-Martin's Preamp circuit
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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 15:42:03 +0100
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Thread-topic: Jan-Martin's Preamp circuit
This was constructed in times where we listened to BBC2 and no lower 
frequencies, so the capacitors are probably small.
Perhaps a resistor in series with the 10nF capacitor to adjust the positive 
feedback... hi
J M Nøding, Datakvalitet, TTS, Kristiansand
Telefon 0047-9077-7126

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Fra: Hugh M0WYE [mailto:[email protected]]
Sendt: 21. januar 2003 15:11
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Emne: LF: Jan-Martin's Preamp circuit

Hi Jan-Martin and LF group,
I was going to ask if your preamp could be posted on the Reflector ...
Being the "some-other" Here it is ...
Hugh M0WYE

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: Notch for DCF39/Spectrograms/Luxembourg effect

I don't see the point in using NPN devices (PNP are better for this
you would probably not have more than 0.5x voltage gain
A source follower has incredible low gain - even when driving high
that's the reason I discard such constructions, but using a PNP instead of
you may achieve over unity gain. A BJT emitter follower has in the region
0.8-0.95x voltage gain.
You set the feedback to adjust the gain, and add some postive feedback to
the input and achieve very high input impedance.

Unfortunately I forgot to forward the circuit from home, but sent it to
and some other. Too high gain is of course a problem and may cause some
will try to remember to pass the circuit later (I am in Stavanger at the
Passed the spectrogram as a separate mail

73 Jan-Martin

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