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Re: LF: Eu station(s) on 137.777kHz

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Subject: Re: LF: Eu station(s) on 137.777kHz
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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 18:45:32 +0100
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Zitat von Alan Melia <[email protected]>:

Hi I accept that it is useful for an EU station to transmit in the US TA
window to use the western grabbers of Jean-Pierre and Dave G3YXM, but please
remember that 137.777 is Joe Craig's VO1NA only crystal frequency and he is
often likely to appear early in the evening The 30sec slow ARGO screen which
most of us use has a 5Hz window so there is plenty of room to stack stable
transmissions. Even a 0.2Hz shift will clear Joe as he does not use DFCW.

Alan G3NYK

it was HRE.
Edgar, DL2HRE are you on this email reflector?

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