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LF: TECH: loops and tx-antennas(near-field-effects)

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Subject: LF: TECH: loops and tx-antennas(near-field-effects)
From: "bernd grupe" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:21:27 +0200
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Hello Peter and all,

You wrote:
I confirm that the loop characteristics are very much modified by the nearby
resonant LF transmitting antenna and the fix is to detune the Tx antenna on
about preventing couplingeffects between tx-antennas and rx-loops Bob(ZL2CA)
was quite right when he posted:

The practical solution is to leave the vertical floating during LF receive.
and yes Alan, there is a simple solution:
disconnect the loadingcoil from earth by a remote controlled relayswitch at the "cold" point of the coil(disconnect it from the earthwires) and also the Koax.
vy 73 Bernd, DF8ZR

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