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LF: RE: Eclipse Experiment

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Subject: LF: RE: Eclipse Experiment
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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2017 06:18:54 -0700
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Dixon plans to be on; and organizers would appreciate:

 (a) additional well-controlled LF and VLF transmitter signals 
before/during/after the eclipse


 (b) any before/during/after data from stable receivers 

One of the organizers (Bill Liles) mentioned that receivers committed for 
longitudes -90 to -110 are sparse (see map, 
and that data from receivers for these longitudes (and data from any receivers 
west of longitude -125, including Hawaii), would help to support a long 
contiguous measurement path. Additional VLF or LF transmitters would of course 
be greatly appreciated.  



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Subject: LF: Eclipse Experiment

There will be an experiment during the Aug 21 solar eclipse conducted using 
WWVB on 60 KHz and a U.S. Navy transmitter on 55.1 and 135.95kHz operating from 
California. This is a'crowd sourced' experiment.

More info:
There's a massive experiment relating to the strength of WWVB and a transmitter 
in Dixon California.
This article says Dixon may transmit at 55.1 and 135.95 kHz.

The EclipseMob receiver works with a smart phone acting as an SDR. as well as 
the source of it's position and the date-time of observation.

There is a parallel study based on ham radio WSPRNet and Reverse Beacon Network.

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