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LF: tks to all

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Subject: LF: tks to all
From: "f6kaw radio club d'ivry" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 21:54:45 +0200
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Dear Alan, Steve, Dick, Alberto, Dave's(both mrf es yxm), Marc, Mike,

  I wish to thank you all for your quick answer and help.... And i totally
agree with Steve comments about QRP...In fact, i
found the idea of building a qrp tx on LF interesting for one thing :
encourage the member of the radio club (and of course anyone who want to
join us) to simply begin a new activity which change a little from normal
operation : build themselves with their "big fingers", and practise a lot to
understand how does it works !!!!! (i use to be very kind in
QRPconstructions !!!)...
    I think that it's certainly better to begin a new activity with qrp to
test in local (20 kms arround, not more, hi !!!), and have a chance to
complete a qso and compare our diverse homebrew projects (learn how to build
coil and variometer, and above all how to use it correctly; perform antennas
in our small "parisian's garden", hi !!, and so on....), and then , keep on
going to more power and biggest antennas for DX.....This could help to
develop 136khz in our zone... Keep in mind that we are really
NEWBIES !!! i think that we will have to open some books (and destroy some
calculators, hi !!!) to follow your steps...without being electrocuted by a
flashing light !!!......( no, i'm joking !!!!)...
    The next step will be the construction of the PA ( DAVE'style at
ab.250Wtts)....When we will be ready to transmit, i think
that our principal trafic will be in normal CW to simplify the
things....QRSS, DFCW and other modes later as we are often "outside"  (i
mean "FIELDDAY", see the photographs on our website when we tried 10ghz ATV
with GUNN diode from Jean-paul, F5EJZ's boat in Normandy).....
  Thanks also for the infos about the loop...I have a piece of KX4 (same
thing that RG213, i believe ???), so, i'm going to have a try on it...As my
holidays begin within 2 weeks, i don't think that i will have enough time to
be really qrv, but i will take my little 50 mhz converter, and have a try on
this band from JN16LU in center FRANCE, near BOURGES first; and then, from
JN23?? in NIMES  (dept. 30)...Any takers ???...
Question just for info:          UTOPY:    a 1/4 lambda dipole (say abt
2*500mtrs at 60 mtrs high) would it be easier to tune and the performance
better, or would it be too low (ground capacity) and impossible to tune

     Sorry for this long mail, i promise to reduce a little next time, hi
!!!!...Thanks again to all and hope to hear u soon...Pascal..

  PS (in french): Salut ,Marc...bien content d'avoir de tes nouvelles car
j'avais perdu l'adresse de ton site...De nouvelles bidouilles LF en cours
????  73's et a bientot....

 Radio club:
mail: http://[email protected]/
http://[email protected]/

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