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LF: Re: RE: 3 phase ripple

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Subject: LF: Re: RE: 3 phase ripple
From: "Tenty" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 02:10:24 +0100
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We have 120 V, not 110 V..

Normal houses don't have 3 phases here as we have a very old fashion
electricity system...:=(

Every standard house here has 120 and 240 V (two phases)...

120 V (+90 degrees) <------------ 0 (neutral) --------------> 120 V (-90 

So 180 degree difference

The 240 V is for our electric ranges ..and maybe a  linear :=)

Only factories (in an industrial area) and large buildings have 3 phases
Some small factories outside the cities convert from two to three
phases to run their machines on..

I think your can make  2x1.41x120 =  338 V dc but I don't want to risk
my life by not using a safety transformer!

Was I confused when I arrived  here :=)

Bob,  ve3tok

However, US and Canadian stations with their 110V mains (supplied as
effectively 6 phases - 3 phase with plus / minus each plus centre tap /
ground, seven wires in total, if I understand it correctly based on looking
at pictures of power cables in US towns) would result in a 270 V rail so,
much more realistic and safe using low cost 500V devices.
Andy G4JNT

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Subject: LF: 3 phase ripple (was Re: Re: RE: LX1PD)

Sorry, I meant rms.

For a  3 phase full wave bridge

RMS ripple/mean OP = 4.2%
(Ref Data for Radio Engs 5th ed p 13-5)

73 de
John Rabson G3PAI

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