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LF: Fundemental Ground System question

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Subject: LF: Fundemental Ground System question
From: "Paul A. Cianciolo" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 21:38:47 -0400
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Hello Folks,

I have had the priviledge of being subscribed to this list for about a year
I absolutley enjoy and learned a lot.  Thank you.  Many times though the
will engage topics that I do not understand....  So I hit the books..  Thank
you again!

Every now and then it seems neccessary to find several references on a topic
approach it from a number of "different angles"

This is the case with all this talk about ground systems,  losses in earth,
trees, building, etc.

Can someone point me to a sight where some of this is explained?

For instance is a vertical antenna system sort of like a complex circuit of
L, C, and R?
With some of the R being the earth?  Some of the C being to ground in series
with this R that is is series
with the L?   Isn't there L in the ground path if we put down radials.  Is
not there C between those radial and the antenna?  And the earth for that
matter.  Do trees shunt current to earth?    There seems to be a million
different values that need to be considered!!!

So...   I am very confused.  I am in the Northeastern US with 3 acres of
property and 130" tower.
Needless to say I am chomping at the bit for 136 Khz to accepted for use
here in the states.

I realize that these are basic questions but I want to understand.

There are list members from all over the world subscribed here which is why
I pose the topic to this list.
Many times a RSGB  book will explain a topic better/differently  than the
say the domestic books.

Confused in Connecticut.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Thank you


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