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LF: Re: Transatlantic Tests, M0BMU issues

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Subject: LF: Re: Transatlantic Tests, M0BMU issues
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 09:10:37 -0400
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TransAtlantic II test will use CW at what ever speed the European side is
sending, QRS CW probably at the rate of .4 WPM or what ever rate the
European end is sending, maybe and hopefully some C-BPSK.  I have said it
before and repeat now, TransAtlantic II will focus on getting as many QSO's
as possible over the North Atlantic for a Two Week/Three Weekend period of

I expect that once we are successful with the big signals that we will then
search for other signals that we become aware of through email to look for.

Courtesy of some very welcome assistance from your side we are now
synthesized in .25 Hz steps over the LF band.  The only known frequency to
avoid is probably 136.6 to 137.6 which is occupied by a rather loud station
located in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.  My personal focus for operating
frequencies will be exactly what I am told to transmit on and listening on
what ever frequencies I am told will be used from the European side.  When
we get on site in VO1 I will make a map of the Loran QRM situation send it
out by email.  Please remember we have some unknowns, the Loran-C
transmitters both south and north of us and the very loud signal on 137.000
some 600 miles behind us.  This reminds me, I must get seriously into the
study of options we might have of phasing down the signal on 137.000, who
has experience with this subject?

At least two of our team will be meeting with David, G0MRF in a few weeks
from now.  Anyone with special issues, interests or needs should contact
either David or myself to discuss and see how we can work through the
details to make one more QSO possible.

I expect we will have at a minimum a Windows NT-4 platform at the
transmitter site and probably a Win95 or better system at the receiver site.
One piece of news is that it is possible we may have a chap dedicated to the
use of large kites as part of the Transmitter team for the duration of the
TransAtlantic II test period.  If this works out it will help us get a few
more dB out of the system equations Hi.

Summary:  We will transmit where ever in the band we need to so that we can
be heard, once we arrive and find out the local noise situation we will let
everyone know what the real-time situation is and what frequencies might
work best coming to us from Europe.  Updates will be at a minimum of once a
day and if necessary it will be done on email in real time.

Jim, M0BMU, I can not tell you any exact frequencies other than the basic
interference constraints noted above, and that we will work with everyone to
make every QSO possible over the North Atlantic during the test period.

All other discussions from here about milliHz bandwidths etc are for the
period of time POST to the TransAtlantic II operating period.

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