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LF: RE: NAVTEX interference

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Subject: LF: RE: NAVTEX interference
From: "Gary - G4WGT" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 12:53:32 +0100
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Hi LF,

I have noticed a strange occurrence when looking back at my extended
frequency range of captures.

In most of the interfering periods the strongest signal has not, I repeat -
HAS NOT been at 518 KHz. Yes a 518 KHz signal has been present quite weak
but amongst the splatter the spurious signals on 514.5 & 513 KHz have been
very strong along with a very strong un-modulated signal on 516.525 KHz.

There have also been five similar spurious but weaker signals radiating into
the 500 KHz band but originating from a lower frequency than my SDR Rx can
is monitor. ie, lower than 489 KHz.

I am keeping all the captures & will continue to monitor & capture until the
problem is resolved.


Gary - G4WGT.

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Subject: LF: RE: Re: NAVTEX interference

> Perhaps  you can contact with the MCA ( Maritime and Coastguard Agency); 

And/or Ofcom (the UK licencing agency)? 
Might be worth attaching one of the spectra that have been circulated on
this list, plus some of the other supporting details.

Chris G4OKW

Dr Chris Trayner
School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
The University of Leeds,
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