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Re: LF: CFH? Dumb Question

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Subject: Re: LF: CFH? Dumb Question
From: "PY3CRX PY2PLL" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 13:36:33 -0200
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Hi ...

Thanks for all that answered.

I saw a steady carrier with slow QSB all night long at 137.043. No rtty or
may be it was just idle.

VTX3, GBR, WWVB, NAA, NAM etc were strong too. The European/African LW BCs
dead. An MSK on 104.750KHz.

Two days ago, all signals bellow 150KHz was booming,  several MSKs, TTY, etc
et al. Added some new utilities to my log and tried to catch the Alpha
network. The german signal on 77.5 was not found. ZVES on 82Hz detected . .

S. B. do Campo - GG66rf
Active from "DC" to 24GHz

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