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LF: Best receiver for LF.

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Subject: LF: Best receiver for LF.
From: "Giulio Scaroni" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 08:51:52 +0100
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Thank for all the station that has answered me with private e-mail for my question on best LF receiver.
I have bought last week end at ham fest here an EDK300 by RFT, is a very good receiver tunable from 14 Khz to 30 Mhz, very very good stability from an OCXO at 10 Mhz, but not better than my IC775, the Icom have a better phase noise becouse its use the DDS, in EDK, the design is like Racal little older, so PLL from late 80 is little noisy.
Also i have bought a W&G SPM-12, and also this unit is very well working on LF, so at the end, after many test, not big difference from all the equipment, also the W&G, with the 25 Hz filter is very good in QRSS (but not good stability, the OL is not phase loocked).
The last is my IC 738 with an external DBM Mini Circuit mixer and preselector, not worse, not better than all the other here, with my short antenna, may be that in Mantova with big antenna the history may be different!!
So, after this test, i dont know if is really good buy a receiver designed for LF, when a good HF radio with external converter do the same job!!
But is also the spirit of our hobby testing all the equipment, for find the better solution at less price.
73 to all IK2DED Giulio.
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