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LF: Re: DBF39 Frequency

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Subject: LF: Re: DBF39 Frequency
From: "Larry Kayser" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:47:37 -0400
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Larry brought up an interesting point:

> Just a short note, I am receiving DCF39 most every day, ...
> My bucket size is less than 1.22 milliHz and I can see the day/night
> frequency change on DCF39 as well, variation is very small but it is
> most days.

Could that be ionospheric doppler shift? How large is the effect?
I have been working on trying to allocate the effect I see to software
issues and real QSY issues.  I am not yet successful and with the tools I
have I may not be able to see the effect well enough to allocate amounts to
each.  My sense of it is that part of it is real as it occurs over a period
of hours.  The amount is rarely more than 2 milliHz.  I have just finished a
special large insulated box in which I will put the IC-706 MKII G this
coming winter, my goal is to try and remove some of the QSY from the
equipment but I need better tools I suspect to make real measurements.

I am trying to get some sort of program running here, but since I am not
seeing anyone show up for TransAtlantic QSO attempts using QRS I will
probably go back to working on DCF39 again.


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