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Re: LF: RE: Diversity

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Subject: Re: LF: RE: Diversity
From: "Dave Sergeant" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 09:07:33 -0000
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From Dave G3YMC
G3KEV wrote:
Maybe your friends are transmitting on full size loops.
Let me know how you get on and try a vertical as well for comparison.
As one of those 'friends' perhaps I should comment!

Mal will presumably expect his large 'normal' antenna to outperform a loop at 
same location unless it is very large, as he has a very large site and can 
erect big
antennas.  I have a very small site, well shielded with poor ground conditions. 
loop is a means to get on the band where I would not otherwise be able to do 
so, and
to be realistic I do not expect big results from my qth whatever I do.  I have
recently done comparitive tests with a 10m top loaded vertical, the best I can
sensibly achieve, and there is certainly not the huge improvement Mal suggests.
Details of these tests are on my website at

It may be that the vertical is not optimised, and in anycase is difficult to get
clear of vegetation etc - the very problem Bill Ashlock in the USA has which he 
overcome with loops. There are some signals which I can hear better on the 
but they are few and generally in the direction of the loop nulls, and in a 
urban location local noise normally makes the loop the best all round antenna.  
big expectations of dx here - if Mal can only just hear me he should remember 
it is
325km and no mean distance for my set up.  It may be a compromise, and 
certainly does
not perform like some setups do, but the loop does at least get me on the air 
from a
difficult qth.

I am currently building an Elecraft K2 10W hf transceiver.  When that is 
shortly I shall devoting far more time to the hf bands.  With normal cw 
activity on
136 at an all time low I can no longer devote all my time to that.

73s Dave G3YMC
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[email protected]

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