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LF: Re. Getting started on LF.

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Subject: LF: Re. Getting started on LF.
From: "Laurie Mayhead" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 19:00:12 +0100
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Hi Roger,
Dont worry about advanced topics,everyone on the reflector will help with any queries,they certainly did with me when I started.Yes the LF Experimenters book is the "Bible"
Many people have used the Datong RX converter but it has one small problem, the internal xtal is always a bit off frequency so signals appear 200 Hz or so off tune.You cant shift it so dont worry just learn to live it ,Hi.
Best of luck,hope to hear you on the band soon,and dont hesitate to ask if you have a problem. 73s Laurie. G3AQC.
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