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LF: Re. Wire in the Air etc.

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Subject: LF: Re. Wire in the Air etc.
From: "Laurie Mayhead" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 23:25:56 +0100
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Hi John,
Thanks for listening, TX running now.
Re. Ant, you asked if improvement could be due to smaller loading coil. I dont think so ,total  loss is 35ohms of which coil loss is about 5ohms, so reduction of 20%  is only 1ohm not really significant. I belive the explanation is in the lossy capacitor which the ground represents, by spreading the current out over as much ground as possible these losses are reduced.(lots of lossy caps in parallel=a less lossy larger capacitor.)Point is it works. Of course some ground is more lossy than other ground I belive my Clay is very bad,perhaps on good ground this effect would not be so well marked.
You Ant. proposal seems good ,the 400 ft top will ensure almost  linear current in the vert. section and since it covers a lot of ground should result in reasonably low ground loss,in fact it will probably be better than the Ant. I am currently using since the wire is in a straight line. Hope you see something tonight.
73s  Laurie.
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