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LF: Easy Start

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Subject: LF: Easy Start
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 17:55:29 -0000
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The beauty of the drive coming directly from  an existing TR there is no
xtal or stability problem all the hard work is already taken care of.
The transverter introduces mixers and oscillators and the average amateur
cannot compete with the commerical approach.
Most hf tranceivers can be modified to tx on a frequency suitable for
dividing to 500 khz..
One other subject about modes of transmission. CW is more than adequate for
amateur purposes on 500 and in fact has been the traditional mode for the
band in the marine service, and aeronautical service to a limited degree.
Machine derived modes are to be preferred by the commercial operators
shifting large volumes of traffic. Amateur transmissions are of short
duration and convey the msg before the qsb sets in, especially with our
permitted qrp, 20 wpm is a good speed to aim for.
QRS is too slow for 500 and some other computer modes are pathetic to watch,
it takes hours to do what a cw operator could do in seconds.
ie name, qth and report.
73 de g3kev

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