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LF: Frequency check

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Subject: LF: Frequency check
From: "g3ldo" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:38:01 -0000
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Markus said
just a short report before heading off to work: nice sigs this morning from
Laurie (137773.82 / 773.71) and Peter (773.09), both at equal strength
within a dB or so. G3AQC's call was apparently lacking a few of the dashes.
The slight downward drift in the screenshot may partly be due to soundcard
temperature changes after sunrise.

Thanks for the screenshot Markus. The frequency check is most welcome.
Laurie, do you know what your exact frequency is? Does anyone have the
frequencies of the Loran lines of Lessay? I think they have been mentioned
on the reflector before now but I can't remember where.

Peter, G3LDO

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