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LF: Re: Re: 1154

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Subject: LF: Re: Re: 1154
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 19:21:22 -0000
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Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 5:45 PM
Subject: LF: Re: 1154

Hi Mal
There's a complete 1154 on ebay at the moment if you fancy splashing out! :-)
Or you could have a word with  or [email protected] who say that they have several 1154s in stock.
Thanks Tracy for the T1154 info. Looking at the sites you suggest and the prices. I will take half, about £250 for mine if I decide to sell. I had several over the years and broke them up for the variable condensers. They cost 12/6 ie twelve shillings and six pence each around 1955 from Clydesdale Scotland. I wish I had kept them and bought some more as well. I could have bought another house today with the proceeds. On the internet everyone wants to point me to where I can get things at some rediculous price but no one seems to have the odd switch or valve base that I need, on the other hand I often send others bits and pieces that I have surplus to my needs for NOTHING.
de Mal/G3KEV
de  Mal/G3KEV
73 de Mal/G3KEV
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Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 4:15 PM
Subject: LF: 1154

Hi All
Does anyone by chance have any T1154 bits about their shacks that are not required. I got an old Jeep recently and want to refurbish it. Getting it ready for 500 khz LF !!! if/when it becomes available.
73 de Mal/G3KEV
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