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LF: Re: Wolf Tests

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Subject: LF: Re: Wolf Tests
From: "mike.dennison" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 08:49:03 +0100
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Timed record: Thanks to all those who offered suggestions. In the end I
found that Cool Edit which I use for recording has its own built in timer!!
It is a bit strange as it appears to have its own arbitrary system of
measuring time, but it does work.

Frequency: Thanks, Larry, for your comments. I forgot about CFH and
obviously you must make a judgement about that. The Eu bandplan has a data
allocation around 137.5, but that is not necessarily optimum for

Tests: I have made recordings on the last two nights and can make WOLF lock
onto something but little intelligence so far. Last night I used 11025Hz
sampling which seems to make a bigger file but still nothing readable yet. I
will keep trying.


Mike, G3XDV

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