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LF: Re: LF Roundtable / Forum - new venue

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Subject: LF: Re: LF Roundtable / Forum - new venue
From: "Derek Atter" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 16:16:04 +0100
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From Derek G3GRO

I am pleased to hear that the Flight Refuelling Club are able to offer an
alternative venue for the proposed LF Forum and I hope that the session will
be well supported.

We hope that there will be at least 3 people attending from Crawley,  Lech
G3KAU, Stewart G3YSX and myself.  We plan to bring some of the remaining
ex-Decca items with us for the bring and buy sale including various sizes of
litz wire, 1000V polystyrene capacitors, and some spare PA MOSFETs for the
Decca 5501 TXs, etc.

It would be a good idea if all those intending to come to the meeting
indicate via the reflector their intentions so that the organisers have some
idea of the likely support.

                          73,    Derek Atter  G3GRO

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Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 8:44 AM
Subject: LF: LF Roundtable / Forum - new venue

The LF forum that was to have been held at the Crawley ARC and
unfortunately had to be cancelled due to foot in mouth, will now take
place at the Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society a week later than
the original scheduled date, on Sunday 20 May.>
Andy  G4JNT

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