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LF: Re. Decca Masts

To: "rsgb lf group" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Re. Decca Masts
From: "LAWRENCE MAYHEAD" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 16:18:03 +0100
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The performance of the Decca Ant. is quite intresting, the "gain"or at least the advantage over the normal amateur installation appears to be at least 20db
(comparison with G4GVC at this location for example). This is tremendous and
I dont see how it can be attributed to the height alone,conventional wisdom says
that a short vertical has the same radiation pattern as a full sise one,and even 300 feet is far short of full sise.So where do we look  for the explanation? It now seems even more important to do a comparison with a "normal" ant.on site or near by.
I will be around at the weekend to do more comparisons.Many thanks to the teams for giving us this unique opportunity. 73s Laurie. 
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