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LF: QRSS etc

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Subject: LF: QRSS etc
From: "Dave Sergeant" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 21:41:36 -0000
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From Dave G3YMC
I am also among a few other active operators who prefer normal CW, and view 
with a slight scepticism the claims made by QRS operators of the merits of that 
mode.  However I accept that QRS in all its forms is now very much part of the 
136 scene and very much liked by those who use it.  Although I have no interest 
in getting active on QRS (even though it may have advantages with my very small 
plot) I do not despise those who do use the mode.

Let us stop the bickering and get on with the real work of working stuff on the 
band, however we want to do it.

Digital TV interference:  I have no direct experience of digital set top boxes 
and IDTV's and their potential for causing interference.  With the current 
trend to 'free' boxes linked to subscriptions there are unlikely to be any 
coming through my workshop in the forseeable future, and being one who has no 
interest whatsoever in either sport or films I am unlikely to aquire one 
myself.  However I do have other contacts in the TV trade and receive various 
comments on the digital services.  If I hear anything relevant to interference 
I will pass it on.

Alan Melila mentions a 100Hz modulated carrier just outside the band.  Perhaps 
he is hearing the 9th harmonic of the line timebase frequency (15.625kHz) on 
140.625.  This is not a digital TV related issue, but large and wide screen 
sets may radiate rather more due to the higher deflection powers.  We all seem 
to be suffering however from various forms of swishing and unstable buzzing 
noises in band at present - perhaps they are from digital TV sources, but I 
would not have thought they would be any more susceptible to radiating noise 
than any other form of computer driven equipment.

Please note also that the CE interference specifications do not cover any 
emissions below about 1MHz - and I recently read that there is talk about 
relaxing the specifications (because they are too difficult to test to).  Draw 
your own conclusions!

Cheers Dave G3YMC
[email protected]

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